Pregnancy is usually a wonderful time in a woman’s life, but it also often causes discomfort.   One goal of pregnancy massage is to focus on muscle pain that the mom will experience as the body adjusts to the growth of the baby. Common issues seen is sciatic pain as the ligaments in the hips relax to allow for natural birth, low back pain especially with clients that do a lot of standing, and just general aches from the increased weight load on the body.  Massage can also provide emotional support as the expectant mother is going through a time a change.  This is especially true with first pregnancy although it still applies with all pregnancies.

Any RMT offering pregnancy massage needs knowledge of the challenges that can occur only during pregnancy.   The use of a custom body cushion provides additional relief when mom is feeling most uncomfortable.   My additional training in pregnancy massage allows me to reduce stress and ensure safety for both mother and baby.

Some mothers say that massage done throughout pregnancy can lead to an easier delivery and the decrease of any post delivery complications to the baby.

After delivery, Infant massage can help with colic, constipation, and lead to a strengthened bond between the parent applying the massage and baby.  Often dads are taught massage  so there is some daddy and baby time in the first few months.

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